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Faith, Hope, and Love, are the motivating forces that drive us @ Divine Healing and Wholeness

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A Bit of Background

We aim to see all individuals, families, and communities healed, whole, and walking in unity. We are located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. We also believe God is our ultimate Healer and Doctor, and that supporting, empowering, encouraging, and embracing one another through difficult seasons in life is important. We recognize that God  uses people on many levels to help us in times of need and to fulfill his optimum purposes. Therefore, we choose to yield ourselves in the process.

Vision: To see individuals, families, and communities building together, growing together, and evolving.


Mission Statement: To help youth, individuals, families, and communities, become resilient, empowered, and edified.

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 We are a faith based organization looking to help people from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnics, and nationwide. We offer trainings, workshops, coaching, and counseling. Our main focus is to help build resilience through transitional and traumatic seasons of life. Our methods are coming from a holistic approach and a comprehensive fitness plan. 

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Change, healing, and wholeness, often involves being open to address mental, emotional, and spiritual issues in oneself. We will focus on healing from the inside out and through a trauma informed and person centered perspective.

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You may reach out to us here and or at with questions and or  donations. Thanks so much and God's blessing!


May your days be filled with peace and love.


Darlene Lorraine Gibson

Darlene is a woman on a mission for God with a desire to support individuals and families. She is a trauma-informed specialist and mental health professional. She is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. and familiar with the Willow Grove, Pa and surrounding areas as well.


Furthermore, Darlene is an alumna of Montgomery County Community College (AS Human Services), Chestnut Hill College (BS in Human Services) and received a MA in Christian Ministry from the School of Divinity at Liberty University. She also has received a post graduate certificate from the Behavioral Health and Science, Military Resilience program.

Moreover, at her core, she has a servant’s heart, and is passionate about helping people become healed, transformed, and whole. Darlene is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her goals are to do whatever it is that is within accordance with God’s will, that will bring Him glory and help others along on their journey.


If you would like to  support Divine Healing and Wholeness work and ministry of transformation, you can purchase her self-published testimonial newly revised book on or, One Woman's Testimony of a Transformed Life:  ISBN: 9798869334848 or Donate to the ministry on Venmo: @Divinehealingandwholeness.


Services can be requested through this website or

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